Aromatherapy benefits

When someone asks what the benefits of aromatherapy are then that someone has definitely not experienced aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has been around for millennia and the ancients have long recognized that scents can influence mood, can influence decisions, some can heal certain ailments like depression and anxiety.

Aromatherapy benefits everyone. Whether just for relaxation or to heighten the senses, the different scents have a different impact for everyone. For some, the scent of cinnamon and apples brings back memories of childhood days when the weather was cold and it is snowing outside. The scent will bring back the times eating around the kitchen island or sitting in front of the fire and just relaxing with friends and family.

There are some aromatherapies that are part of the massage oils in spas. The oils not only help rejuvenate the skin and improve their conditions, but the scents can make a tired and tense body achieve relaxation. For some, the massage is the only way they could achieve a deep and relaxing sleep that they miss out on night after night.

There are some alternative therapies for psychological problems. Anxiety can be smoothened by the use of lavender and lemon, depression also. Somehow, the scent of lavender calms a person, bringing a balance to the mood and energizes their soul.

Aromatherapy is not just for mood altering, but it is also important for everyday home uses. A lot of aromatherapy benefits the housewife with having to fight off insects coming into the house.

Surprisingly for some, aromatherapy benefits pets as well. The essential oil of eucalyptus and citronella placed on the nape of a pet will help prevent tick and flea infestations. Lemon grass with roo also works really well, so there is really no need to resort to toxic products that are super expensive.

Cedarwood had been discovered by ancient Africans and Egyptians as helpful for cases of asthma, bronchitis, catarrh and certain coughs. With its harmonious, soft woodsy scent, it successfully encourages calm breathing and induces sleep.

Chamomile probably has one of the most benefits. As a tea, it quickly restores stomach upsets and while drinking the tea, the scent that wafts up calms frayed nerves and relaxes both the mind and body. For those who cannot sleep well at night a cup of chamomile tea and a scented candle on the side lit to release it fresh scent quickly makes sleep achievable. More and more people use this as a logical alternative to sleeping pills.

Aromatherapy benefits are as endless as the number of essential oils out there that have been discovered and continue to be discovered every day. Go to the nearest aromatherapy shop and get to know what you have missed out on.

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