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Enhance, the perfect blend to counter winter blues

- Along with the change in temperature, the winter season can... read more from Amazon website

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Product Features

  • BANISH THE BLUES: Ovvio Oils' Enhance is the perfect concoction to combat the winter blues. With the power of seven premium essential oils, the blend is mix of pleasing and soothing aroma that positively impact the mind, and at once lifts your spirits. It's all-natural and completely safe. Add a few drops to the diffuser and feel the positive energy course through the room instantly.
  • SEVEN OILS, SEVEN COUNTRIES: The ingredients used in our products come from seven different corners of the world where the soil and climate conditions ensure a high quality harvest. The farmers we secure our oils from use best practices in agriculture to grow the crop. Sweet Marjoram is imported from Spain, Ylang Ylang comes from Madagascar, Lavender is sourced from France, Clary Sage from Bulgaria, Bergamot from Italy, Juniper from Slovenia, and Sweet Orange comes from Brazil.
  • RICH, WARM AROMA: A rich, aromatic blend, Enhance incorporates different fragrance notes, all of which work together to uplift your mood and energize the surrounding. When you open the bottle, a sweet, floral aroma will greet your senses, followed by citrusy and fruity notes with warm and spicy undertones.
  • SEVEN PREMIUM ESSENTIAL OILS: Enhance is made from seven premium essential oils selected by experts for their properties which positively affect the mind and uplift spirits. The Sweet Marjoram is relaxing and cleanses all negative energy; Ylang Ylang's aroma is soothing and encouraging; Lavender has calming and uplifting properties; Clary Sage is mildly euphoric; Bergamot Italy helps build confidence; Juniper infuses feeling of warmth; and Sweet Orange imbues energy and cheer.
  • Common uses for essential oils sold by Ovvio Oils (in alphabetical order) include: Anxiety, animal care, adhd, allergies, acne, aromatherapy, autism, arthritis, asthma, anxiety and stress, bath, breathing, bath bombs, body care, bath salts, candles, colds, candle making, cleaning, children, cough, congestion, cold and flu, diffuser, dogs, depression, digestion, detox, diabetes, deodorant, energy, eczema, emotions, emotional healing, eye bags, ear infections, eating, euphoria, flu, fertility, focus, fibromyalgia, fragrance, food, feet, face and body, gums, germs, hair, headaches, humidifier, hair growth, health, healing, horses, hair loss, immune system, insomnia, ingestion, infants, infertility, itchy scalp, immune support, immunity, kids sleep, kidneys, lip balm, labor, lotion making, laundry detergent, lotions, libido, lamps, labor and delivery, migraines, maternity, menopause, massage, muscle pain, mood swings, meditation, nausea, natural pet care, nebulizer, nerve damage, nails, necklace, oil burner, oral use, oily hair, oil warmer, oil diffuser, pregnancy birth & babies, pain, pets, pain relief, perfume, pms, psoriasis, relaxation, rosacea, respiratory, relaxing, reed, romance, rheumatoid arthritis, skin, soap making, sleep, stress, soap, sleeping, snoring, sinus infection, teething, toddlers, thyroid, trauma, teens, toothpaste, vape pens, vi, vertigo, women's health, weight loss, wellness, wrinkles and yoga

Product Description


Enhance, the perfect blend to counter winter blues

- Along with the change in temperature, the winter season can also bring about a change in people's temperaments. The long stretch of cold, grey weather can negatively affect the mind and spirit, making one feel glum, lethargic and moody. Enhance has seven essential oils that work on the mind and drive out negative thoughts. It can help a person overcome the effects of the weather and function normally.

Feel energized, positive, and cheerful

- The lack of sunlight in the winter months can affect the secretion of certain hormones and chemicals in the body, which in turn can lead to depression. Essential oils have a positive effect on the part of the brain that controls moods, and the body rhythm or biological clock that is responsible for production of hormones and other important chemicals. The essential oils have specific functions that together tackle the negative emotions and put the person in a better mood. The citrusy scents infuse energy, while the floral scents provide emotional support, while the warm and spicy notes help relax and soothe. The ingredients in Enhance have been selected to address all these aspects. Not only does Enhance improve your mood, it also energizes and rejuvenates, and fills up the room with positive energy.

Perfect holiday scent:

- Use the Enhance blend in your diffuser this holiday season. The citrusy, spicy, and pine needle-like aroma of the blend is the perfect complement for the season. It will add warmth, cheer, and energy throughout your house, and create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.

Only premium blends, no cheap, diluted oils. All organic ingredients grown in countries where they grow best.

Fill your home with positive energy, warmth, and cheer. Grab a bottle of Enhance today!!!

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